Jan Mayen

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Jan Mayen

Puffins (Fratercula arctica) - Photo: Thor Holtet C-130, Hercules - Photo Gunnar Utkilen. gunnar.karin@c2i.net Photo: Tor Lauvstad
Southern part of Jan Mayen - Photo: Beerenberg expedition, summer 2002 Beerenberg eruption, 1970. - Photo: Gløersen Torchlight procession! - Photo: Per Einar Dahlen

Jan Mayen is a volcanic island of norwegian dominion, located in the north atlantic ocean, 950km west of Norway, 600 km north of Iceland. Current crew is a total of 18, running the Loran-C navigation station, the meteorological station and maintaining the infrastructure - buildings, roads, airstrip, power station and so on. The view of the island is dominated by the active volcano, Beerenberg (2277m), which had its last eruption in 1985.

Phone:(+47) 32 17 79 00, Telefax:(+47) 32 17 79 01, Email: post [at] jan.mayen.no

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