Jan Mayen - Coastal Radio - LMJ

In 1914, professor Kristian Birkeland in Oslo mentioned the neccessity of an weather station at Jan Mayen. Olaf Devik in Tromsoe stated: "As long as we have no weather reports from Greenland and Jan Mayen, it is extremely difficult to predict storms coming from these areas". A few years later (1917 and 1920), 125 sealers did perish in two storms.
In the summer of 1921 Jan Mayen radio was buildt at "Eldstemetten". The station consisted of an 3kW Telefunken sparkgap transmitter and 55 meter antenna masts made by wood.

3kW transmitter
anno 1920
& antennas
VHF (Tx-Rx)
(279 masl)

In 1940 the station was deliberately destroyed due to the war. In 1941 a temporary station was established on the shore of Nordlaguna. In 1949 a new station was built on the Liberg level, north of Nordlaguna. Today it is named "Gamlemetten". And finaly, in 1962 a brand new station was built near the southern end of the new-built airfield, 3 km north of Olonkin City. Then all activities on the island was joined on the eastern side of the island. The operation of the coastal radio was transferred to the Loran-C division in 1984.

The local operation of the coastal radio was terminated in october 1994.
JAN MAYEN RADIO, LMJ has been remotely operated by Bodø Radio, LGP since October 1994.

Frequencies/channels monitored at Jan Mayen
VHF Ch 16 VHF Ch 60 MF 2182 kHz MF 2087 kHz MF DSC (3)

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